Monday, February 17, 2014


Hello Friends,

I'm back!
I have been gone for a long time.  I know. I just disappeared off the face of the blogging world.  In the meantime my family moved. My husband was required to live in a certain municipality for his job. When that ruling was dismissed we moved to the community where we have done most of our living, working and schooling. In essence we moved HOME.

We bought a simple little ranch house right in the middle of the neighborhood where I work.  No more schleppin' through the snow {commuting} for me. What is best my daughter's best friend lives on the same block. ALL of her friends are nearby.  That's what we want for kiddos ~ community and socialization.  It has been bliss!

Moving is not bliss and the whole process took an entire year. Selling, shopping, inspecting, buying, packing, moving, unpacking, and some renovating {whew!}  It's over and of course I never want to do it again.  And now, I am back and ready to write, create and start anew!

I am back with a new name and logo.  I am now The Primary Reader.  I  have a new facebook page with lots of FREEBIES.  You can find me at:

Be sure to "LIKE" me there too!  I now I have a new blog look too.  I may have to tweek it a bit.  I imagine the margins are off.  

I am glad to be back and will blogging to you soon!

Jo Ellyn
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