Sunday, March 30, 2014

Unwrapping My New Blog Style & FROG MATH DAY!

Hi There!

I am so happy I finally have blog - style that makes me happy! It has been a LONG haul!  Thanks to Megan over at the Cutest Blog on the Block who created my new look!  She's a genius & just so sweet!
It has been like my birthday over here and my blog is my present.  I do have a birthday ( I won't tell how many candles!!)  coming up soon and so does my daughter... husband... and my best friend, Candy and our sweet little doggie Sophie ( Sophie and I share a birhday --she's my soul doggie)!

So let's celebrate!

I am having a 20% off sale at TeacherPayTeachers to say I finally a HAPPY BLOGGER so let's get the party started...WOOT WOOT!

Here's what is going on this week in my classroom.  It is Math - Hop Day!  I like to have a special froggie math day in between units.  My kids just love doing art projects and it is so sweet when we can combine a project and some math facts together.

Here's our crazy frog friend that we will make.  We put the sums on his hands and then the addition facts are on his accordian folded arms and legs.  We give him some googly eyes made of cotton balls that are just looking for some flies to munch on (bluch)  and a tongue to catch them....

There is so much more to frog day than meets to googly eyes of the critter project!  The kids make a counting wand and practice skip counting by 2, 3, 5, 10's.  We practice counting lilypads and on the number line.

This year we'll be adding some yummy FROGGY & FLY FROTHS  (mint chip shakes) to enjoy after our math explorations.   It's so much fun I could just kiss a frog!

You can grab the patterns to these projects at a BIG discounted rate this week at my 
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Talk to you soon!

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