Saturday, January 31, 2015

Welcome TeachWise! Substitute Lessons

Hooray! We have aneew teacher -vendor site!  This one is oh-so hand because you can make purchases through AESOP  the same search engine which manage many districts substitute teacher assignments.  To kick off the new site I have made a new line of products called Lifesavers!

 Lifesavers are the perfect solution for days when you are too sick to plan for a sub, are greeted with an emergency or you are out of time. These NO PREP printables are perfect daily lessons that will surely SAVE THE DAY!

This pack is suitable for teachers to provide for substitutes or for substitute teacher to purchase for his/her own use. You could also use this pack to have on hand as a NO PREP supplement to your  units.

Each pack has enough activities for your students to be actively engaged and learning throughout the day.

Included are EDITABLE printables, PNG printables  daily schedule, and notes to your sub. Its so easy to write a quick plan and send an ELECTRONIC COPY everything that is needed for the school day to your sub! No need to get out of bed and leave your home. Just relax, let go of your stress and get well!

Lifesaver lesson plans for subs and you comes in these themes : POPCORN, GINGERBREAD, SNOW, FAIRY TALES, AND POLAR PALS, MITTENS AND HATS, VALENTINES.

Be sure to visit TeachWise... Here is their blog post to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. ( I think I recognize their featured teacher !)


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