Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cute as a bug's ear! .... Easy Ladybug Project! and TPT SALE!!

Hi There!
Spring has sprung! Ithink ?? In Wisconsin it'll be a frigid 40 degrees this week (really??) I didn't make a bird project like I thought I would, instead I made a ladybug project!  They are really easy to do and will be so cute on a bulletin board.

  So here's how to make these cute little bugs:

1. Trace a paper plate on white construction paper.
2. Make a little arc for the head.  Put it aside.
3. Add spots ... the kids can use bingo markers or I use a scrapbooker's paper punch to make circles.
(I can't believe that I used to cut and trace all those little circles).

4. Glue a black pipe cleaner down the middle and the spots too.
5. Cut a red cellophane circle that is the same size as the white construction paper circle.

6. Glue the cellophane down where the head will be placed.  
7. Then cut the cellophane down the middle.

8. Glue the head on the top.
9. Tape curly black pipe cleaners to the back of the ladybug.

You can find some more cute little buggy projects and activities in my insect unit~

It is on sale this week !! In fact all my stuff is on saqle at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Be sure to get the freebie that is attached to the preview file!

Until next time!

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