Monday, August 8, 2016


Back to School Night...

We all love the parent who sweeps into the room with the bouquet of flowers and the basket of chocolate truffles to say "Hey, I'm glad your going to have Julia in your class and let me know if I can help in anyway!" Love them, love them, love those parents!

And then there are the parent complaints....

Here are some things that can help the relieve the occasional parent meltdown on Parent Night (which is quite embarrassing for you and the other parents in the room).

1. School supplies are way cheaper in August so we ask the parents to bring them in and we store them even if means putting a plastic bin in the middle of my living room...

2. The pencils don't last that long and the other supplies don't either. There is a reason for this. Which leads me to my third point.

3. School supply manufactures have made materials very cheap so the materials aren't lasting very long. I have noticed a difference over the last 10 years. Glue is short filled. The paper and folder paper is thinner. Plastic folders are the way to go now. 

Shake a pencil. Hear that??? It's broken graphite. So your child is going to go through pencils rather quickly.

4. It will be okay if you didn't find or purchase the name brand fancy schmancy brand I requested. I just know from experience that brand I requested last longer and I won't be bugging you in January for a new set of crayons/ binder/ paper or what not.

5. The supplies are for your child not the staff. I need chocolate, K cups, chocolate, Advil, chocolate, soda pop and CHOCOLATE to get through my day. I didn't add it to your list (this year).

6. You could ask that the school to purchase the supplies next year but I can only imagine it will raise your tax dollars.

7. Lastly, If you have a financial need I WILL provide your child with what they need to learn. I save up for such circumstances. Usually I kick in a $1000 or $2000 per year. Some donors in my community also provide for students that have financial need.

Somehow we will all make through the year with enough pencils and chocolate.

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